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Dozens of authors, including several best-selling authors, will be at Calvert Library Prince Frederick from 9am to 2pm. There will be readings and presentations by many of the authors throughout that time. It will be a great opportunity to collect autographs and expand your reading horizons.

Saturday, October 29, 2016
9am to 2pm
Calvert Library
Prince Frederick

Presenter Schedule (TENTATIVE)

9am-2pm Exhibitors selling and signing books, presentations. Some will have giveaways and prizes.
9:15am-9:30am in Room 1

Peter Abresch

Author of Elderhostel Mystery series, Easy Reading Writing and more will talk about his books as well as writing group options in the area.

9:30am-9:55am in Room 1

Christopher M. Clarke, Ph.D.

Research plays a role in most books and Dr. Clarke has found some of his best stories through genealogy research.  He will kick off the presentations with a short introduction to how to get the most of your research. He will be a great author to meet whether you are young enough to be working on History Fair or old enough to have an appreciation for your family history.

on the :45's in the Children's Area

Tricia O'Neill-Politte

The Magic Heart is written for a child but will touch anyone whose heart has been hurt.

10:00-10:25am in Room 1

Gary Knight

Hear about Forgotten Brothers, a historical novel that tells the true story of what happened on Columbus' first voyage...far different from what we all learned in history class.

10:30-10:55am in Room 1

Christina Allen

Allen has illustrated three award-winning children's books. Hear about her path to publication.

11:00-11:45am in Room 1

Nadia Hashimi

International Best-selling author of The Pearl that Broke It's Shell (novel), One Half from the East (children's chapter book) and When the Moon is Low (novel) will share her most recent novel, A House Without Windows (novel). Zeba's quiet life as a loving wife, a patient mother, and a peaceful villager is shattered when her husband is found brutally murdered with a hatchet in the courtyard of their home. Thrown into prison for his murder, Zeba's future is in the hands of a twisted legal system, her estranged mother's black magic and the most unlikely friends.

12:00-12:25pm in Room 1

Jennifer Foxworthy

Author of Tomorrow My Sunshine Will Come: Memoirs of Women Who Survived Domestic Violence

12:30-12:55pm in Room 1

Gwen Schiada, Ann Frank, Ellen Flowers Fields, Nonyem Oguejiofor: Authors of But...He Brings You Mangos: Marital Insights from Seven Women with the Courage to Share

A collection of seven different experiences of marriage by seven women of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures, the stories in this book take off the rose-colored glasses, and instead provide thought-provoking and inspiring gems about the true nature and purpose of marriage. 

Incorporating notions of love, compassion, faith, and commitment, these anecdotes paint a picture of marriage as a gift that is real, desirable, and attainable—despite what today's society and statistics say.

1:00-1:25pm in Room 1

Lisa Moulden

Lisa Moulden is a graduate of the University of Maryland, a world traveler, a Reiki Master, and a ghost magnet. Her strong connection to the Other Side, and her close proximity to the nation’s Capital, led to the creation of her newest book, Presidential Souls. Spirits seek her out because she gives them their voice, and the United States presidents have a lot to say about the state of their country.

1:30-1:55pm in Room 1

Elisavietta Ritchie

Ritchie's fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, photojournalism, and translations from Russian, French, Malay and Indonesian have appeared in numerous publications and won many awards. She has read at the Library of Congress, Harbourfront, Folger Library, Pittsburgh International Forum, many libraries, universities, schools and other cultural centers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, and under the auspices of the United States Information Agency, in Brazil, around the Far East, and the Balkans .She is also active with the Washington Writers' Publishing House.



Peter Abresch mystery adventure
Christina Allen children's picture books, ages 2-10
Suzanne Anderson children's
Mary Behre paranormal romantic suspense
Christopher M. Clarke, Ph.D. nonfiction
Rebekah Colburn historical fiction/romance
Maryann Cusimano Love best-selling children's
Edward Davenport true crime, mystery
Leara Dory children's
Jennifer Foxworthy inspirational
Beckie Gladfelter children's
Louise Gorday suspense and historical fiction
Annalise Grey young adult paranormal and poetry
Nadia Hashimi best-selling historical fiction & middle grade children's
Nicole Helmkamp Christian poetry
Christine & Kevin Higgins nonfiction, photos & poetry
Gary Knight historical fiction & memoir
Julia A. Maki children's & adult memoir
Lisa Moulden history & paranormal, non-fiction
Jean Murray paranormal romance
Tricia O'Neill-Politte children's (encouragement)
Valerie Ormond children's & young adult
Gary Pendleton nonfiction
Elisavietta Ritchie poetry and short fiction
Jan Marie Ritter secret service nonfiction
Gwen Schiada, Ann Frank, Ellen Flowers Fields & Nonyem Oguejiofor marriage, relationships, personal development
Brenda Scott-Coleman children's & adults, nonfiction
Lauren Sipe young adult self-help
Tammy Thompson inspirational
Peter R. Vogt children's
* John Hemry will not be able to attend due to unforseen circumstances. Our thoughts are with him.