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Calvert Library Assists School Success

When the doors of your school’s media center are closed, ours are open for you. Calvert Library is committed to helping our students achieve success in school. In November of 2003, Calvert Library formalized its partnership with the Calvert County Public Schools Board of Education in a joint venture that promotes reading and research skills as well as after-school and summer activities to county students. Librarians visit classrooms to highlight library resources and events and help them learn how to conduct research.

If you have any questions, comments, or school visit requests for the Calvert Library CLASS Team, please call us at 410-535-0291.


Bugeye the crabCRAB cards: Calvert Research Access & Books

All Calvert County Public School students now have special Calvert Library accounts. Virtual CRAB cards give every child access to:


Checkout up to 5 print books from any Calvert Library location with


To login to Calvert Library research resources with your CRAB card use the prefix: calv and your student ID. ex: calv23456. Your initial password is your 8 digit birthdate (MMDDYYYY) and can be changed at any time.


Calvert Library Director Carrie Plymire said of the partnership, "Libraries are all about access to learning. We want every student, every child to be able to use the library.  The CRAB Card makes it accessible even to those families who aren't able to get to the library every three weeks to get their books back on time. Whether it's complicated transportation or complicated family schedule, we don't want anything to stop kids from accessing the important resources the library offers.  We are thrilled that Dr. Curry and Technology Integration Teacher Specialist Jen Sturge partnered with us to create a CRAB card for every CCPS student."


Calvert Library is including homeschoolers, private schoolers or even pre-schoolers in this bonus as well.  These students under the age of 18 can obtain physical cards with the same parameters (5 checkouts of print material without fines, access to all digital resources) at any Calvert Library location.  Just ask for a CRAB Card.  Plymire believes that "all children should have access to information, education and opportunity and that's what we're offering at Calvert Library."