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Events at Calvert Library

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Check Out Your Community

Explore the amenities your community has to offer. With your library card you can check out free "passes" to various pools, parks, museums and more!


Zentangle, ZenDoodling, Adult Coloring... Nov 16 & 19

It's the new craze...meditative drawing, adult coloring, zentangle...basically using writing implements to scribble away the stress. If you like or want to try zentangling or coloring, join Lynn Gauthier, retired art teacher who has found so much enjoyment in teaching art that she would like to continue sharing her love of art with others who want to learn new techniques or just meet up and share art together. The library will supply regular copy paper, colored pencils and a few sharpies. If you would like to bring your own supplies, they are welcome!


Doc-Talk: Salt of the Earth - Nov 18 (SOCC)

Join Calvert Library Southern Branch for an exclusive screening of the acclaimed film based on the life of photographer SebastiĆ£o Salgado. The documentary gracefully straddles the line between moral and aesthetic paradoxes. Salgado's photographs depict some of the worst horrors of the modern world: refugees, famine, war, and poverty, they are also stunningly dramatic visual artifacts giving their power double effect. As a viewer you are drawn into the examination of appalling truths, but at the same time your attention turns to the photographer and his art. Come see this transformative and affirming documentary.

HERBLOCK Political Cartoonist Democracy Exhibit & Event- Oct & Nov

Herblock believed in the greatness of America. His life and work was, in itself, an exercise in equality, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Visit the HERBLOCK Foundation's exhibit on his democracy themed cartoons at Calvert Library Prince Frederick Sept 25 - Nov 30. Join us on Tuesday, Oct 13 for award-winning professor Dr. Chretien Guidry conversation about Herb Block's impact on world events.


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Learn Mahjongg, Bridge and More
Come observe experienced Mahjongg and Bridge players and then try your hand with their mentoring.

Chess at the Library
Looking to play? Looking to learn? We've got you covered.

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Garden Smarter
Calvert County Master Gardeners share their expertise on various gardening and landscaping topics throughout the year.  Something for all levels of gardeners.

Creative Memoirs
Turn the stories of your life into interesting reading for everyone

Writers by the Bay
All writers and would-be writers are welcome to come for professional critique & camaraderie.

Resume and Cover Letter Workshops
Need help with your resume? Join job counselor Sandra Holler in a small group to learn what makes a strong resume and cover letter. If you have one started, bring it with you so editing can happen on the spot.

Technology Workshops & Events

Calvert Library offers one hour one-on-one computer classes. Please call the library to schedule. Topics include:

  • Mouse (Mousercise) and Keyboarding (Online tutorial)
  • Create a Resume and Search for a Job Online
  • Using Microsoft Word 2010
  • Setting up and using Facebook
  • Setting up an Email Account
  • Web Basics Class


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Calvert Eats Local
Meets monthly to discuss local food and resource options. Don't miss our local potlucks!

Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing & Portable Crafting Events
Knitting, crocheting, sewing, and portable crafting group open to anyone wanting to join in and share talents, crafting time or learn a new skill.


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Tween & Teen

Tween/Teen Event Calendar

Don't miss a single awesome Tween or Teen event!