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Events at Calvert Library

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Check Out Your Community

Explore the amenities your community has to offer. With your library card you can check out free "passes" to various pools, parks, museums and more!

Summer Camp Fair - Mar 9

Summer planning made easy! Meet summer camp providers in one place.

US Navy Band Country Current Quintet - Mar 11

The United States Navy Band Country Current is the Navy's premiere country-bluegrass ensemble. The band is nationally renowned for its versatility and "eye-popping" musicianship, performing a blend of modern country music and cutting-edge bluegrass. Don't miss it!

Time Banking - Mar 14

Learn more about "time banking" from Calvert Resource Exchange, a southern county community time bank. Time Banks have been established in 34 countries, with at least 300 Time Banks in 40 US states and in numerous other countries since the 1980's. The "time" one spends providing community services earns "time" that one can spend to receive services. As well as gaining credits, people can gain confidence, increase social contact and skills through giving to others. Communities use time banking as a tool to forge stronger intra-community ties.

It's the Pi Day of the Century!!!! - Mar 24

3.14.15 9:26:53

Are you seeking some fun Pi Day events? Then Calvert Library Prince Frederick is the place for you on March 14, 2015! We are going to have a day full of Pi/Math related activities. The festivities start off at 9:26 a.m and ends at 3:14 p.m. 

10am - Pi Day Family Storytime for little ones birth to 5 years old.  

11am -  Einstein Costume Contest! Celebrate Einstein's birthday by entering this fun contest. A prize will be awarded for each age range: 
Babies (0-5), Kids (6-17), and Adults (17+). 

1:59pm - Memorization Contest! Test your memory and see how many Pi digits you can write down. The most digits past the decimal will win a prize!

Alice 150 Years of Wonder Events in 2015

Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland turns 150 this year! Celebrate with Calvert Library and attend our many WONDER-ful events!


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Learn Mahjongg, Bridge and More
Come observe experienced Mahjongg and Bridge players and then try your hand with their mentoring.

Chess at the Library
Looking to play? Looking to learn? We've got you covered.

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Garden Smarter
Calvert County Master Gardeners share their expertise on various gardening and landscaping topics throughout the year.  Something for all levels of gardeners.

Creative Memoirs
Turn the stories of your life into interesting reading for everyone

Writers by the Bay
All writers and would-be writers are welcome to come for professional critique & camaraderie.

Resume and Cover Letter Workshops
Need help with your resume? Join job counselor Sandra Holler in a small group to learn what makes a strong resume and cover letter. If you have one started, bring it with you so editing can happen on the spot.

Technology Workshops & Events

Calvert Library offers one hour one-on-one computer classes. Please call the library to schedule. Topics include:

  • Mouse (Mousercise) and Keyboarding (Online tutorial)
  • Create a Resume and Search for a Job Online
  • Using Microsoft Word 2010
  • Setting up and using Facebook
  • Setting up an Email Account
  • Web Basics Class


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Calvert Eats Local
Meets monthly to discuss local food and resource options. Don't miss our local potlucks!

Swap Events
Too much stuff? Looking for an environmental and community-friendly way to get rid of it? Check out these events!

Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing & Portable Crafting Events
Knitting, crocheting, sewing, and portable crafting group open to anyone wanting to join in and share talents, crafting time or learn a new skill.


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Cinema Cafe
First Wednesdays of each month, lights go down at 6:00 pm and a film will be presented followed by a short discussion ending by 8:30 pm. Popcorn will be served.

Southern Matinee
Relax at Calvert Library Southern Branch in Solomons with a great movie once a month on the fourth Fridays at 1pm.


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Tween & Teen

Tween/Teen Event Calendar

Don't miss a single awesome Tween or Teen event!

Chess at the Library
Looking to play? Looking to learn? We've got you covered.

Drama Tweens: Opera Edition
Get to know Opera! Opera is all around us, from TV commercials to movies. So, what’s all the drama about? A guest instructor will be on hand to talk about music, costumes, and more. Be prepared to get creative! Registration required.
Thursday, Feb. 5
6:30 - 8:30pm
Calvert Library Prince Frederick

Breaking and Making: Coding for Tweens
Ever wonder how computers know how to do all the cool things they do? What if you were the one telling a computer what to do? Coding is the key! Garrison LeMasters of Georgetown University will show us the code behind the popular computer game, “Brick Breaker.” Then we will have fun “breaking” that code, and re-writing the code to “make" it our own! Registration required.
Thursday, March 5
6:30 - 8:00pm
Calvert Library Prince Frederick

Blackout Poetry for Tweens
Unleash your inner poet and artist by creating blackout poetry! You’ll have the chance to draw in the book of your choice, create poems, and share with your friends. Registration required.
Thursday, April 2
6:30 - 8:00pm
Calvert Library Prince Frederick

Manga Otaku Creators Night
Tuesdays, Feb. 3, March 3 & April 7
7 - 8:30 pm
Twin Beaches Branch

Karaoke, Coffehouse and Open Mic Night

Teens! Express your inner (or outer) stardom and join us for a live a Karaoke and Open Mic Night. Sing/dance/recite/chat or simply rock out!  Coffee, tea, and cocoa provided.
Thursday, Jan 15
Calvert Library Prince Frederick

Minecraft Free Play

Join us for an evening of Minecraft free play. Registration required. Grades 1st and up. Register for Minecraft Free Play at Twin Beaches Branch.

Thursday, January 29 @ 7pm