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Garden Smarter - 2017 Schedule


Sessions will be held on Saturdays at 10 AM unless otherwise noted. See time and location for each event.
(CRB) Community Resources Building, 30 Duke Street, Prince Frederick
(FV) Calvert Library Fairview Branch
(PF) Calvert Library Prince Frederick Branch
(SB) Calvert Library Southern Branch
(TB) Calvert Library Twin Beaches Branch
MG:  Master Gardener   MN:  Master Naturalist
Saturday, January 7, 2017, 10 AM (PF) 
Master Gardeners – Who We Are and What We Do
Master Gardener Project Leaders
You’ve seen us at Garden Smarter programs, NB Farmer’s Market, County Fair, PRAD, and elsewhere – learn about our organization and what we do for Calvert County.


Saturday, January 14, 10 AM (SB) 

Creating Habitats with Native Plants
Bob Boxwell, MG
Go Native!  Learn how to welcome nature into your backyard by choosing native plants for  your landscape.


Saturday, January 21, 10 AM (PF) 
Seed Swap/Seed Savers 
Nancy Radcliffe, Deb Berbert, Elisa Miller, Jennifer Miller, Mimi Miller, Sherrill Munn, MGs
Beat the winter blues and start planning for spring. Bring unused seeds or seeds saved from the garden, and join the fun.


Saturday, February 11, 10 AM (PF)
Shade Gardening with Native Plants
Karen Anderson MG, MN
Learn about some native plants that are adapted to shade; add color and texture to your landscape.  Example garden designs will be presented.


Saturday, February 18, 10 AM (PF)   
Herb Spiral Updated
Bill Santiff, MG
Learn how to build it, plant it, and enjoy it!  Get lots of delicious cooking herbs from a beautiful garden sculpture.


Thursday, February 23, 6:30 to 8:00 PM (PF)
Native Bees
Special guest Sam Droege, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Maryland’s over 400 different kinds of native bees are declining, not due to pesticides, but to loss of native flowers.  Sam will talk about converting his lawn into an integrated flower, vegetable, bee and bird habitat and how you can replace and integrate lawn areas into pleasing naturalized landscapes. His beautiful books will be on sale.


Saturday, March 4, 10 AM (CRB)   
Bags, Barrels, & Old Boots
Sherrill Munn, MG
Why container gardening?  Learn the essentials for success and consider creative combos using vegetables, herbs and flowers.


Saturday, March 11, 10 AM (PF)
Companion Planting
Lucy Muehleisen, MG
Learn about mutually beneficial crop relationships; keep insect pests away while attracting beneficial insects; enhance the health of garden soil; grow great tasting veggies.


Saturday, March 18, 10 AM (CRB)
Herbs in the Garden
Jennifer Miller, MG
What benefits do herbs provide to us and our gardens?  This introduction to the kitchen garden will also discuss how to solve pest problems environmentally safe (IPM).


Saturday, March 25, 10 AM (PF)
Vegetation Management
Carla Porter, MG
Learn the principles of Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM), the framework of techniques for plant control that can be applied to your lawn, landscape, vegetable garden and natural areas.


Saturday, April 8, 10 AM (PF)   
You Say Tomaytoes, I Say Tomahtoes!
RT West, MG
Tips on tomato varieties, planting and managing the vines, and the best times to harvest.


Saturday, April 15, 10 AM (TB)
The Good, the Bad & the Bugly
Lucy Muehleisen, MG
Learn to identify common Maryland bugs that inhabit your vegetable garden, how to attract the beneficial ones and what to do about the bad ones.


Saturday, April 22, 10 AM (PF)   
Why Mulch?  Which Mulch?  Still Pulling Weeds? Really?
Judy Kay, MG, MN
Explore  better, easier, and more sustainable methods and materials to garden and maintain your landscape and the importance of understanding your gardening site and plants.


Saturday, May 6, 8 AM until noon (CRB)
Master Gardener Plant Sale
Learn from our demonstration sessions and purchase from our large selection of flowering (many native) and vegetable plants.


Saturday, May 13, 10 AM (FV)       
Fungus Amongus
RT West, MG
Examine the beneficial and symbiotic relationships between funguses and our garden plants.


Saturday, May 20, 10 AM (CRB)
Tour of MG Demonstration Gardens
Judy Kay, MG, MN
Join us for our Spring Tour of the gardens which will have blooms that attract hummingbirds and early bees. Native plants may be available for purchase.

Saturday, June 3, 10 AM (PF)
Expand Your Garden, Not Your Wallet – Through Propagation
Mimi Miller, MG
Learn how to start new plants from seed, division and cuttings without the expense of buying new plants.


Saturday, June 10, 10 AM (SB)  
Oysters, Clams and Marine Plants – Oh My!  Aquaculture in Coastal Ecosystem Management
Jim McVey, MG
Protect our Bay!  Aquaculture can be used to place oysters, clams or marine plants in estuaries to filter water and capture nutrients while producing valuable seafood. 


Saturday, June 24, 10 AM (PF)   
Planting a Food Forest
Birgit Sharp, MG
Designed to produce fruits, nuts and berries, and is modeled after a forest ecosystem. Once balanced, requires little need for fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides. 


Saturday, July 15, 10 AM (CRB)   
Summer Blooms, Bees, & Butterflies in the Demo Gardens
Judy Kay, MG, MN
July heat brings out the blooms of native plants that provide nectar and pollen for many creatures.  Enjoy the scene and learn how to grow them in your yard.


Saturday, September 9, 10 AM (PF)
Introduction to Beekeeping
Mary Phillips, MG, Beekeeper
Beekeeping is such a joy!  Learn the basics of bees, how they pollinate, why only honeybees make honey.


Saturday, September 16, 10 AM (CRB)
 Invasive Plant ID
Carla Porter, MG
This 3 hour workshop includes a presentation, a hands-on exercise with plant samples, followed by a short walk on the grounds.  Limited to 20 guests – RSVP by calling 410-535-3662.


Saturday, September 23, 10 AM (PF)  
Faerie Gardens and Terrarium Workshop
Elisa Miller, MG
What plants, soil and containers to use to create a successful terrarium and faerie garden.  Leave with a living arrangement. Registration required.  Call 410-535-3662.


Saturday, October 7, 10 AM  (CRB) 
Designing with Bulbs
Mimi Miller, MG
Learn about bulbs-- how to design, maintain and grow them.  Leave with a living bulb arrangement that will bloom in the spring.  Registration required.  Call 410-535-3662.


Saturday, October 14, 10 AM (CRB)
Seed Saving How-to Workshop
 Jennifer Miller, MG
Learn when to collect and harvest, how to store and save seeds as we take a walk through nature.  A money-saving way to create a diverse garden.


Saturday, October 28, 10 AM (PF)  
Decorating from the Woods
Betty Seifert, MG
Learn how to gather and use foliage, berries, cones and other bits of vegetation to decorate your home for the holidays.