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Garden Smarter - 2018 Schedule

Garden Smarter 2018

Sessions will be held on Saturdays at 10 AM unless otherwise noted. See time and location for each event.
(CRB) Community Resources Building, 30 Duke Street, Prince Frederick
(FV) Calvert Library Fairview Branch
(PF) Calvert Library Prince Frederick Branch
(SO) Calvert Library Southern Branch
(TB) Calvert Library Twin Beaches Branch
(ACLT)  American Chestnut Land Trust, Dare’s Beach Rd., Prince Frederick
MG:  Master Gardener   MN:  Master Naturalist


January 20, 10 AM (PF)  
Annual Seed Exchange
Mimi Miller, MG
Winter is a great time to plan for spring! Bring unused seeds (2013-2017) or seeds saved from the garden and join the fun. No PVP, GMO, or chemically treated seeds. Registration starts at 9:30


February 17, 10 AM (PF)
Companion Planting
Lucy Muehleisen, MG
Learn about mutually beneficial crop relationships; keep insect pests away; attract beneficial insects; enhance the health of garden soil; grow great tasting veggies.


February 22, 6:30 – 8:00 PM (PF)  
Birds of Assateague
Special Guest David Brinker, MNCPPC Naturalist
David Brinker, ecologist for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Wildlife and Heritage Service, will share his expertise on the birds of Assateague, the future of birds and their conservation in coastal MD. He can also answer questions about interesting local predatory birds such as osprey, goshawks, saw-whet owls and eagles.


February 24, 10 AM, (PF)   
Birds, Bees, Butterflies and Other Wildlife
Karen Anderson, MG and MN
Learn how to enhance your garden to benefit wildlife.  In addition, a few tips on how to discourage Bambi and friends will be provided.


March 10, 10 AM, (PF)   
Attracting Butterflies and Bees to the Garden
Elisa Miller, MG
Develop a garden that will attract bees, butterflies & hummingbirds, bloom from early spring to late autumn, and will host and provide nesting material for pollinators. 


March 24, 10 AM, (PF)   
Did Your Plant Die or Did You Kill It?
Judy Kay, MG and MN
Gardening is fraught with opportunities to make mistakes, including plant
selection; choice of site and soil properties, planting, and maintenance. 
Understanding a plant’s needs may help reduce your losses.


April 7, 10 AM, (PF)   
Faerie Gardens and Terrarium Workshop
Elisa Miller, MG
Discover what plants, soil and containers to use to create a successful
terrarium and faerie garden. Leave with a living arrangement. 


April 21, 10 AM, (PF)  
Healing Gardens
Penny Jacobs, MG
This talk will discuss how healing gardens are being used today and how you
might incorporate some of these concepts into your own garden.


April 28, 10 AM (PF)
The Good, the Bad and the Bugly
Lucy Muehleisen, MG
Learn to identify common Maryland bugs that inhabit your vegetable garden, how to attract the beneficial ones and what to do about the bad ones.


May 5, 8:00 until noon   (CRB)   
Master Gardener Plant Sale
Learn from our demonstration areas and purchase from our large selection of flowering (many native) and vegetable plants.  Baked goods and beverages for sale, too.


May 9, 6:30 – 8:00 PM (PF)   
Land Trusts and Their Role in Saving the Bay
Special Guest Greg Bowen, ACLT Executive Director
In Calvert, six land trusts are actively working to protect lands, including the American Chestnut Land Trust (ACLT). Learn about what they are doing to save rural landscapes and the Bay.


May 12, 10 AM (PF)  
Gardening in a Changing Climate
Mimi Miller, MG
Discover some of the effects from global warming; how you can do your
part in lowering the effects and how to adapt your garden to the warming


May 19, 10 AM (PF)  
Bags, Barrels and Old Boots
Sherrill Munn, MG
This popular session is back! Learn the essentials for successful container gardening and consider creative combos using vegetables, herbs and flowers.


June 2, 10 AM (TB)  
Using Pesticides
Carla Porter, MG
Learn fundamental concepts, precautionary measures, and the importance of
reading a pesticide label.


June 9, 10 AM (CRB) 
Why Native Plants Are Important: Tour of the Master Gardener Demo
Judy Kay, MG and MN
Come tour the MG Native Plant Gardens with us, preceded by a brief
lecture about native plants.  Native plants, including Butterfly Weed, will
be available for purchase.


June 16, 10 AM (SO)  
Birding Made Simpler:  A Low Tech Approach to Bird Watching
Bob Boxwell,  MG
There are dozens of apps available to help identify birds.  Learn a low tech approach using the best app of all, your brain. 


June 23, 10 AM (PF)  
Measure Up Your Lawn & Garden:  the Bay-Wise Yardstick
Melanie Crowder, MG
Is your lawn and garden Bay-Wise? By changing a few simple landscape
practices, you can greatly impact the health of the Chesapeake Bay.


June 30, 10 AM (PF)  
The Poison is in the Dose
 RT West, MG
A discussion on friendly and non-friendly herbicides and pesticides, their
persistence and effectiveness, and how to interpret their labels.

September 1, 10 AM (CRB) 
Help Heal the Planet With Your Garden
Birgit Sharp, MG
Learn how to encourage native wildlife, reduce greenhouse gases from the
atmosphere, take pollutants out of the air, and improve water cycling with
your garden.


September 8, 10 AM (CRB) 
Invasive Plant ID for Professionals
Carla Porter, MG 
This "advanced" 3-hour workshop includes a presentation, hands-on
exercise, followed by a grounds tour and is geared toward landscaping
and natural resource professionals and volunteers. Limited to 20. Please register to attend Invasive Plant ID for Professionals


September 15, 10 AM (CRB)
Invasive Plant ID for the Homeowner
Carla Porter, MG
This 3-hour workshop includes a presentation, a hands-on exercise with
plant samples, followed by a short walk on the grounds.  Limited to 20
guests. Please register to attend Invasive Plant ID for the Homeowner.


September 22, 10 AM (PF)
Seed Saving How-to Workshop             
Jennifer Miller, MG
Learn when to collect, harvest, store and save seeds. Assist us in dividing,
labeling and packaging seeds.  You will be able to leave with seeds for
your garden. 


October 6, 10 AM (PF) 
Herb Spiral:  Art in the Garden 
Bill Santiff,  MG
Learn how to design it, build it, plant it, enjoy it!  Get lots of delicious
cooking herbs from a beautiful garden sculpture.


October 13, 10 AM (CRB)
More Designing with Bulbs
Mimi Miller,   MG
Learn about bulbs - which to plant, when to plant, how to plant and
maintain. Leave with a living bulb arrangement that will bloom in spring.  
Limit 10. Please register for More Designing with Bulbs.


October 20, 10 AM (ACLT) 
Double Oak Farm Garden Tour
Birgit Sharp and RT West, MGs  
Take a guided tour of American Chestnut Land Trust's Communal Food
Pantry Garden and Food Forest.  Discover natural based gardening

26.  October 27, 10 AM (CRB)
Decorating from Nature's Bounty
Betty Seifert and Carol Shomette, MGs
Look around you for fun weeds, bushes, trees and garden plants which
will inspire a wonderful arrangement.