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Garden Smarter - 2016 Schedule

Sessions will be held at three library branch locations: Prince Frederick, Southern Branch in Solomons, and Twin Beaches in Chesapeake Beach, at the Community Resources Building, 30 Duke Street, Prince Frederick and at North Beach Sunrise Park.  Location, date, and time are indicated for each session.


All Saturdays at 10 AM unless noted.








Jan. 9



P. F.


Lucy Muehleisen- MG

Companion Planting
Learn about mutually beneficial crop relationships; keep insect pests away while attracting beneficial insects; enhance the health of garden soil; have great tasting veggies.


Jan. 23





Nancy Radcliffe- MG

Seed Swap
Whether you saved seeds from your garden, have leftovers from seed packets, or are looking for seeds, the 2nd Annual  Calvert Seed Swap is the place to be!   Plants and cuttings welcome. Heirloom seeds especially welcome.  


Jan. 30


P. F.


Bill Santiff – MG

The Herb Spiral
Learn how to build it, plant it, and enjoy it!  Get lots of delicious cooking herbs from a beautiful garden sculpture.



Feb. 13







RT West - MG


Feeding Your Soil and Plants
We will cover the Maryland fertilizer laws, how plants and soil are nourished, and how to properly feed your plants and soil for the best results.


Feb. 20





Karen Anderson – MG, MN


Got Shade?  Plants for the Less Than Sunny Garden – Learn about native plants that are adapted to shade and will add color and texture to your landscape.



March 5



P. F.



Judy Kay – MG, MN


Put a Buzz in Your Garden –
Every third bite we eat has been pollinated – primarily by bees which are declining.  You can help by planting their favorite nectar plants, creating a beautiful, interesting yard buzzing with activity.


March 12@ 2:00pm


Twin Beaches


Lucy Muehleisen - MG

Companion Planting
Learn about mutually beneficial crop relationships; keep insect pests away while attracting beneficial insects; enhance the health of garden soil; have great tasting veggies!


March 19



P. F.


Mimi Miller - MG


Expand your garden without the expense of buying new plants!  Learn how to start new plants from seed, division, and cuttings.


May 7




Plant Sale



May 14





Elisa Miller and Jennifer Miller- MGs

The Kitchen Garden Then and Now
Learn how these gardens changed over time and how we use them today.


May 21




Karen Anderson (MN), Judy Kay, Carol Shomette - MGs

Tour and Bay-Wise Certifcation of MG Demo Gardens
Tour the Master Gardener Native Plant Gardens.  Learn about our Bay-Wise program and how your yard can be Bay-Wise.  Many plants will be in bloom attracting butterflies and pollinators.


June 4



North Beach
Sunrise Park


Karen Anderson (MN),  Melanie Crowder, Donna Barrett, Deborah Noyes - MGs


Spring Tour of North Beach’s Sunrise Park
Tour the garden and learn about the native plants that are used in this beautiful setting on the bay.  This tour will highlight spring blooming plants; we will also discuss Bay-Wise practices used in the garden.



June 11



P. F.



Jim McVey - MG

The Role of Aquaculture in Coastal Ecosystem Management
Aquaculture can be used to place oysters, clams or marine plants in estuaries to filter water and capture nutrients while producing valuable seafood.  Balanced ecosystem management will be discussed.



June 18







Bob Boxwell - MG


Birdwatching Made Easier
Join former Southern Maryland Audubon president Bob Boxwell for some avian identification tips.  We will concentrate on what you can expect to find in Southern Maryland through use of pictures, song, and study skins.


June 25



P. F.


Birgit Sharp

Soil Building Techniques
Building soil health will make more nutrients available to plants, reduce your need to water, and help fight disease.  Discussion includes soil building methods tested and used at ACLT: hugelkultur, lasagna gardening, cover crops.


July 23 @
9:00 AM




Karen Anderson, (MN), Judy Kay, Carol Shomette - MGs

Joe Pye Weed and More – Butterflies Galore!
Bring your camera, hat and sunscreen. Walk with us through the Master Gardener Demonstration Gardens. We’ll introduce you to the plants, butterflies and pollinators – and other critters we may encounter!


Aug. 6



P. F.


Nancy Radcliffe - MG

Cover Crops in Your Garden
Learn how cover crops protect and enrich the soil while attracting beneficial insects.  Harvest cover crops for food, mulch, and compost materials!

Aug. 13

P. F.

Mimi Miller, Elisa Miller, Jennifer Miller

Herbs for Home, Heart, and Hearth
Find out the many ways to enhance our taste buds, health benefits, and ward off unwanted pests with herbs.


Sept. 3





Carla Porter - MG

Identifying Invasive Plants
Identify invasive plants commonly found growing in landscaped and natural areas. We’ll take a short walk around the CRB.  Bring a mobile computing device with WIFI and dress for the weather. The session may extend to 3 hours.


Sept. 10



P. F.


Mary Anna Phillips – MG
and Anne Brown


Introduction to Beekeeping
Come learn the basics of bees:  how they pollinate, why only honeybees make honey, and why beekeeping is such a joy!


Sept. 17


North Beach
Sunrise Park



Karen Anderson (MN),  Donna Barrett, Melanie Crowder, Deborah Noyes - MGs

Fall Tour -North Beach’s Sunrise Park
During this tour, learn about the late summer/fall native plants that are blooming in the garden.  We will also see what pollinators have been attracted to the garden so be sure to bring a camera.


Sept. 24


CHANGED to CRB-30 Duke Street!


Mimi Miller - MG

Designing With Bulbs
Learn how to plant, care for, and force bulbs. Get year round color for your landscape and make your own bulb pot for a Spring surprise.  (Limited number of pots, so come early)