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Garden Smarter - 2015 Schedule

Sessions will be held at the four library branch locations: Prince Frederick, Fairview in Owings, Southern Branch in Solomon’s, and Twin Beaches in Chesapeake Beach and at the Community Resources Building, 30 Duke Street, Prince Frederick.  Location, date, and time are indicated for each session.

Saturday, Jan. 17, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
No-Till Gardening
RT West – MG
Put away your rototiller and shovel.  Save time and carbon using the no-till method of preparing your garden.  Be on the cutting edge of this growing trend.


Saturday, Jan. 24, 10 AM, Southern Branch
Community Seed Swap
Nancy Radcliffe, Deb Berbert, Gay Ludington, Norma Imershein, Stephanie Cartwright - MGs
 Start saving your seeds for this event.  5 categories of seeds for sharing:  native plant seeds, edibles, herbs, annuals, perennials. For seed saving info, go to


Saturday, Jan. 31, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
The Herb Spiral
Bill Santiff - MG
Learn how to build it, how to plant it, how to enjoy it.  Get lots of delicious cooking herbs from a beautiful garden sculpture.


Saturday, Feb. 14, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
Saving Your Soil and Water
RT West - MG
Learn how to control erosion and make rainwater work for you; keeping rainwater on your property helps our streams and bay.


Saturday, Feb. 21, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
Rain Gardens and Techniques
Veronica Cristo and Mimi Miller – MGs
Capture and reuse rainwater on your property with rain gardens and other water saving techniques. You'll have a lush and diverse landscape while keeping sediment and pollution out of the bay.


Saturday, Feb. 28, 10 AM, Twin Beaches Branch
Gardening With Children
Mary Butz - MG
Grab your kids and tools and head to the garden.  Come and experience some practical ideas for getting little hands and minds into the garden. Parents, bring your children!


Saturday, March 7, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
Mimi Miller and Kay Parris - MGs
Want to expand your garden without the expense of buying new plants? Learn how to start new plants from seed, by division, and cuttings. 


Saturday, March 14, 10 AM, Twin Beaches Branch
Gardening for Your Community
Veronica Cristo - MG
 Plant a row for the hungry, start a community garden, help a farmer harvest or beautify your street.  Use your gardening skills to bring Calvert closer to Eden.


Saturday, March 21, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
Shade Gardening with Native Plants
Karen Anderson – MG and Master Naturalist
Can't grow pretty plants in the shade? Learn about some native plants that are adapted to shade and add color and texture to your landscape.


Saturday, March 28, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
Beauty and the Bay
Deb Berbert – MG and Judy Kay - MG and Master Naturalist
Come learn about creative D. I. Y. projects that can benefit our Bay and beautify your landscape.  How-to and photos of finished results will be shown.


Saturday, April 4, 10 AM, Southern Branch
Oh dear, the Deer . . . are eating my plants! 
Judy Kay – MG and Master Naturalist
Is there anything they won't eat?  Yes, a few plants.  Learn which ones and why.  Native plants will be emphasized.


Saturday, April 18, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
Garden for the Butterfly
Deb Berbert and Cindy Mallonee - MGs
 Invite butterflies into your garden by learning about the important plants that provide the food and habitat that will attract them.  Lovely photos of sample gardens.


Saturday, May 2, 8 AM until noon
Community Resources Building (CRB)
Plant Sale
Calvert County Master Gardeners
Come learn from our demonstration sessions and purchase from our large selection of flowering and vegetable plants.


Saturday, June 6, 10 AM, Southern Branch
Intro to Floral Design
Veronica Cristo - MG
Bring the garden inside with fresh flowers.  We'll cover a variety of simple designs, then make a rose bowl to take home.  Reservations requested, but not required. Call 410-535-3662.


Saturday, June 13, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
Bugs, Slugs, and Other Garden Thugs
RT West – MG Bugs, Slugs, and Other Garden Thugs –
Learn the basics for managing insects, disease, and other pests in your landscape and vegetable garden.  Practical suggestions for how to have a more sustainable landscape without dependence on pesticides.


Saturday, June 20, 10 AM, Southern Branch
Jean McDougall – MG Calibri (Body)
Smaller than baby greens, grow and use in 10-14 days and delicious in salads, soups, and sandwiches!  Like fine dining chefs, grow and use microgreens to enhance the beauty, taste and freshness of your meals.


Saturday, June 27, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
Companion Planting
Lucy Muehleisen - MG
Learn about mutually beneficial crop relationships; keep insect pests away while attracting beneficial insects; enhance the health of garden soil; have great tasting veggies!


Saturday, Aug. 1, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
Kitchen Gardens
Elisa Miller and Jennifer Miller – MGs
Also known as a potager. Learn the history and get lovely year round design ideas for this floral, herb, vegetable, and fruit garden.


Saturday, Aug. 8, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
Backyard Habitats
Bob Boxwell – MG
A comparison of small scale (backyard) and large scale (nature preserve) habitats in Lusby and how each is created.


Saturday, Sept. 5, 10 AM, CRB
Identifying Invasive Plants
Carla Porter - MG
Identify invasive plants commonly found growing in landscaped and natural areas. We'll take a short walk around the CRB. Bring a mobile computing device with WIFI and dress for the weather.  Register at 410-535-3662 or 301-855-1150.


Saturday, Sept. 19, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
Saving Seeds
Nancy Radcliffe –MG
Learn the art of seed saving and take your gardening knowledge and experience to a higher level.  You can save money and preserve plant varieties, too!


Saturday, Sept. 26, 10 AM, Calvert Library Prince Frederick
Planting and Designing with Bulbs
Mimi Miller - MG
Learn how to plant, care for, maintain, and force bulbs.  Find out which bulbs grow in our climate and each bulb's blooming season.  Make your own bulb bouquet (Limited number).