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The purpose of the Calvert County History Digital Library is to provide greater access to the community to information/ photographs relating to Calvert County, Maryland's rich heritage. Until now, although other resources are available which are dedicated to the county's history, few full-text documents/photographs have actually been made available on the web. 


Mission/ Audience 


This digital library serves to make the Southern Maryland community aware of the historic photographs and resources held by the Calvert Library system,  Southern Maryland Studies Center and local residents, provide an overview of the history of the county through articles reporting county history (primarily from Calvert Independent's special edition newspaper), and to build awareness of other resources that are available for further investigation of Calvert's history.


Scope/ Selection Criteria


Two collections- photographs and newspaper articles- documenting the County's history, were the primary focus for putting this project together. These items were made available for digitization by the Calvert Library system, the Southern Maryland Studies Center, local residents, and the Calvert Independent. The Photo Gallery currently contains 65 photographs taken in Calvert County prior to 1950. The News Articles collection currently contains the front section (24 pages) of the September 23, 1954 tercentenary edition of the Calvert Independent. If in the future the Library obtains permission to digitize other materials related to Calvert County's history, including photographs, articles, letters, or other documentation, these items will also be considered for future collection growth- although finances, bandwidth, and other factors will also be taken into consideration as to what will be included.  


As a tribute to the opening of the Calvert Library, Prince Frederick location move to Costley Way in 2006, the Calvert Library History link was added to celebrate one of the county's broadest resources for finding information. The information found on that link was researched and pulled together as a Library Associate Training Institute (LATI) project by two librarians- Karina Lopez and Barbara Thorp.


Additionally, a Web Resources listing and a Bibliography of book titles have also been included on this site that relate specifically to obtaining information on Calvert County history; other sites which are county related but not of a historic nature, are outside the scope of this website.




The framework of the digital library was designed using FrontPage. Because of size restrictions and not being permitted to remove some items from the different facilities involved, different scanning equipment was used throughout this process. Due to the physical dimensions of the newspaper, the Calvert Independent pages were scanned on an EPSON GT-30000, which has a 11.7x17-inch scan bed, allowing for the scanning of half pages at a time, and then "merged" together using the editing software listed below. The photographs from the collection held at Calvert Library were scanned on a HP ScanJet 4300C, while the photographs scanned at the Southern Maryland Studies Center utilized  the HP ScanJet 5470c. Scanning software used was the HP Precisionscan Pro 3.13.  Editing software included Adobe Photoshop Elements and Microsoft PhotoEditor, depending on the type of editing process required. Photographs contributed by Georgia Chaney Ladd were received on CD-Rom already digitized.


Maintenance Plan  


Additional documents and images will be added based on the above criteria as they become available. This site will be checked on a bi-annual basis that existing web links used in the site are still active, and also to add additional relevant links or books to the web or print bibliographies. Additional material will be added to the Photo Gallery and News Articles Collection, per the above selection policy, as they become available and copyright permissions obtained.


Access, Use and Navigation   


The Calvert County History Digital Library offers two main access/navigational options; Users can use the navigational bars across the top and side to navigate through the site, or browse using the Site Map link found at the top of every page. The Photo Gallery is categorized by time period and then by location for easy navigation. The News Articles are organized by page number and include subject headings; the newspaper pages for the most part were originally created in chronological order by time period. For best viewing results, screen resolution should be set at 

800 x 600.


Service Features


Many of the photographs used in the Photo Gallery can be found and viewed at the main Calvert Library location in Prince Frederick, Maryland or the Southern Maryland Studies Center. Photographs from the "Southern Maryland Today" collection which are outside the scope of this site, including historical photographs from St. Mary's County and Charles County can also be viewed there. The collection is also in microfilm format as well. Please see a librarian for assistance. 


The "Calvert County, Maryland Tercentenary," a 1954 bound edition of  clippings and sections of the September 23, 1954 Calvert Independent, can be found and viewed in the reference section of most Calvert Library locations. 


This digital library is committed to providing accurate information. Users are encouraged to provide site feedback or make us aware of technical problems, such as dead/changed links. All comments and ideas are welcome.


Future Goals of the Project


A primary goal is to continue expanding the photo gallery collections by obtaining permissions to digitize more collections held by other individuals and local historic organizations. Additionally,  digitizing other newspapers/articles as permissions are granted and adding them to the collection is another goal. 



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