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    Calvert County, Maryland 

       -Celebrating 350 Years- 


Welcome to the Calvert County History Digital Library! In this 

digital library you will find actual digitized reproductions and 

resources that celebrate Calvert County's broad history.

The Photo Gallery is a collection of historic photographs

collected for the Southern Maryland Regional Library grant,  

"Southern Maryland Today." In the News Articles collection, you

will find the reproduction of the "Historic Highlights" section of

the 300th birthday edition of the Calvert Independent Newspaper,

printed in 1954. The Calvert Library History link celebrates the

history of one of the county's broadest resources for finding

information. Web Resources gather links to websites which are 

dedicated to and provide information on  Calvert County history, 

such as museums, historic sites, and historic churches. The 

Bibliography includes a listing of book resources for further

Calvert County history study.  Further details about this site and 

permission information can be  found within the 

About Digital Library and Copyright links. Enjoy your walk 

through the history of Calvert County!



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