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Calvert history in full view...

The photographs in this Gallery were donated by Southern Maryland residents through a past grant, "Southern Maryland Today" which collected historic photographs of Southern Maryland. For the purposes of this digital library, only the reproductions of the photographs taken in Calvert County prior to 1950 were used in this gallery, staying within the scope of this project. All attempts were made to enhance quality, however some photographs used were reproductions and the enlargement quality was not as crisp. Most of the photographs in the collection were taken between 1920-1939. Descriptions for each photograph were taken directly from the "Southern Maryland Today" photograph index held at Calvert Library, Prince Frederick location . To view Copyright information for the photographs, please click here.


The photo gallery links found on the left hand side of this page are categorized by time frame- 1880-1889, 1890-1899, 1900-1909, 1910-1919, 1920-1929, 1930-1939, 1940-1949- and are further listed by the location of where the photograph was taken within each link. 

Resource Descriptions

Descriptions for each photograph are given next to the image. Descriptions include: title; additional image description (if available); physical description of originals; negative number (if applicable); copyright date of original; donor name, town, state; subject headings; reference number from collection index manual. The reference number may also refer a photograph set, not just a single photo, in which case only a selection of photographs within the set might be used. 


Most photographs used in the Photo Gallery can be found and viewed at the main  Calvert Library location in Prince Frederick, Maryland. Some photos however are only available through the Southern Maryland Studies Center (denoted by the asterisks (*) next to the photo reference number) in Photo Archive 850066 Box 3. Photographs from the "Southern Maryland Today" collection that are outside the scope of this site, including historical photographs from St. Mary's County and Charles County, can also be viewed there. The collection is also in microfilm format as well. Please see a librarian for assistance. To view Copyright information, please click here.


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