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Photos: 1900-1909


Copyright: The photographs and permission for the use and reproduction of the photographs used in the Photo Gallery Collection was granted courtesy of Calvert Library, and the Southern Maryland Studies Center, "Southern Maryland Today" collection . The descriptions of the photographs were obtained from the "Southern Maryland Today" photograph index, courtesy of Calvert Library. Anyone wishing to reproduce any "Southern Maryland Today" materials for the purpose of publication should contact the Southern Maryland Studies Center.



Enlarge Photo

Belvedere Hotel, Chesapeake Beach. The hotel burned down in 1923.


1 slide: b&w 

Negative Number: 108-20

Reproduction-  original postcard taken: (?)


Donor: J. Gscheidle, St. Leonard, Md. 



1. Chesapeake Beach

2. Hotels

3. 1900-1909


Reference Number: 391*

Enlarge Photo

The Spicknall house on Patuxent Street, Lower Marlboro


1 photograph: b&w; 12.7 x 17.7 cm. 

Reproduction - original taken: 1900


Donor: B. Weaver, Owings, Md.



1. Lower Marlboro

2. 1900-1909


Reference Number: 532*

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