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        History Highlights (Detailed Article Topic Index within Link)

                Page 1      Introduction, Sources of History; What does the history 

                                      of Calvert County Include?; In the Beginning (Calvert 

                                      County History); Pageant of the "Cavaliers of     


                                  Photographs: Prince Frederick Election Day; In the Old 

                                  Days of Prince Frederick

                Page 2      Calvert County History (overview, continued from 

                                      page 1)

                                  Celebration Ad: Calvert Construction Company

                Page 3      Calvert County History (overview, continued from 

                                      page 2);

                                  Photographs: In the Old Days of Prince Frederick;  

                                      Scene of the Court House, Prince Frederick, 

                                      Maryland; Scene of the Town Hall, Prince Frederick, 


                                  Celebration Ad: Wm. Schluderberg- T.J. Kurdle Co.

                Page 4      Celebration Ad: Southern Maryland Oil Company

                Page 5      Celebration Ad: Board of County Commissioners

                Page 6      Celebration Ad: Warren Denton & Company

                Page 7      Pageant (continued from page 1)

                Page 8      Pageant (continued from page 7)

                                  Calvert County History ( overview, continued from     

                                      page 3)

                                  Celebration Ad: Cox Motors

                Page 9      1608-1650s

                Page 10    Celebration Ad: County Trust Company of Maryland

                Page 11    1649-1650s (1820s Boundary Dispute Also Mentioned)

                                  Celebration Ad: Prince Frederick Department Store

                Page 12    Celebration Ad: Calco Gas Corporation

                Page 13    1650s (1820s Boundary Dispute Also Mentioned Briefly)

                Page 14    1650s-1670s

                Page 15    1670s-1680s

                Page 16    1690s-1720s

                Page 17    1720-1770s

                Page 18    1770s-1780s

                Page 19    1790s-1814

                Page 20    1812-1865

                Page 21    1860s-1890s

                Page 22    1890s-1920s

                Page 23    1930s-1954

                Page 24    Human Side of Social Security; Public Notices; Calvert 

                                  County History (concluded from page 23)


Photo Gallery


                Judge Magruder, Circuit Court, Prince Frederick


                Flora Gross, Mutual

                Woman, Gross Family


                Belvedere Hotel Chesapeake Beach

                Spicknall house on Patuxent Street, Lower Marlboro


                Steam Thresh and Binder in Calvert County

                Steamer "Penn" on Chesapeake Bay

                Prince Frederick Town Hall (part of present courthouse)

                Bowens and Adelina Sew Class

                Feeding the turkeys

                Riding a reaper, Calvert County


                Beach Elementary School, Chesapeake Beach

                Captain Oscar Marshall's Crab House and beach bathers

                Swimmers in water, Chesapeake Beach

                Oxen and People at Chesapeake Beach Railway Station

                Chesapeake Beach Fishing Party, Chesapeake Beach

                Chesapeake Beach boardwalk, Chesapeake Beach

                Schoolchildren "fighting", Mt. Harmony School

                Sixteen views of bathers, piers, Bayside Avenue, Cleveland Inn, 

                    Holiday Hotel, and railway tracks, North Beach

                Two women wading in Chesapeake Bay

                Ewald's Grocery and A&P at 7th and Bay Ave.

                Train wreck at Owings

                Two boys in front of Prince Frederick High School

                Bus and driver, "Baltimore Transit Company" 

                Teams of Oxen (4) and cart, Prince Frederick, Maryland      


                Child on an old car, Mutual

                Colt with two hoofs on each leg, Beaver Dam Road

                Row of automobiles with engines drowned out in storm...

                Calvert County Hospital (Calvert House Nursing Care Facility)

                Duke Library, Prince Frederick

                Two children on courthouse lawn, Hotel Calvert in background

                Hotel Calvert, one car in front, Prince Frederick 

                Four girls ("totem pole") on courthouse lawn, Prince Frederick

                Hotel Calvert with three automobiles in front, Prince Frederick

                Two women assisting in the changing of a tire

                Old Prince Frederick Bank

                Hotel Calvert, with man and 7 automobiles, Prince Frederick

                Man (Eugene Bowen) in front of Hotel Calvert Lunch room

                Couple sitting in an automobile

                Share cropper on Plum Point farm, Calvert County


                Warren Denton, founder of the Denton Oyster Company

                Oyster shell pile at the Warren Denton Company, Broome's Island

                Hanging up salted pork in muslin bag, Calvert County

                Dinner at farm table of an FSA client, Calvert County

                Paul Montgomery in... uniform... William Bassford... uniform


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