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Eread with Calvert Library

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Check out a NookCOLOR or Kindle from the libraryDisappointed that the title you were looking for isn't in our ebook catalog?

Sadly, unlike a regular person, a library cannot pay Amazon or Barnes & Noble for an eBook and then lend it out to people.  We can buy a printed book from these companies, stick it on the shelf, and lend it out--but digital content is treated differently by the publishers and the companies who manage digital content licensing.  We desperately want to offer you these eBooks. But some publishing companies make this difficult, either by making the price four times as high for libraries as it would be for you to buy it yourself, by only allowing the ebook to be read a certain number of times before we are forced to purchase another one, or even by refusing to sell us the title at all.  As your library, we commit to continuing advocacy for change in these policies.


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