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Parents, grandparents, and child care providers can find out more about child development on our For Parents page.

500 x 5 logo500 by 5

Calvert Library’s “500 by Five” initiative inspires Calvert’s children to read 500 books by 5 years old.

Reading with young children on a daily basis is a lifetime gift for everyone that:

  • builds a stronger relationship with your child
  • increases basic speech and communication skills
  • improves logical thinking
  • increases vocabulary
  • enhances concentration and discipline
  • helps ease transitions to major milestones or other potentially stressful experiences
  • promotes school readiness
  • encourages a love of learning

And, let’s not forget, it is just plain fun! 


Our online tracking system is being upgraded and temporarily out of service. In the meantime, you can use this 500 by 5 tracking log until we are back up again. We regret any inconvenience this brings.

If you would like a current number of books in your online account please call 410-535-0291 and ask to speak to a children's librarian.