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Curiosity Works

Use the materials found in the Curiosity Works Collection to tackle some of the challenges.  Some of the challenges are great to do alone, most are more fun with other people.  All will help you learn something and be fun at the same time!  Post your results on the Calvert Library Facebook site with the hashtag #curiosityworks.  Every challenge has hundreds of possible solutions.

Tips on coming up with solutions:

  • Brainstorm!  The more original (and wilder) ideas you come up with, the better!
  • Ask yourself lots of questions about the problem/challenge.
  • What do you need to know to solve the problem? 
  • How might you gain that knowledge?
  • Observe, research, gather your information
  • Test a few ideas out and record your results…remember failure is a chance to learn and so is a very good thing!! 
  • Figure out what went wrong and come up with ideas to fix that.
  • Ask more questions, try another model…
  • Talk about or record what you learned about your problem and the process (share on the library’s Facebook page or on the Challenge Notebook).

It’s the process of coming up with a variety of solutions, testing them out and learning how to tweak your ideas that develops your creativity and hones your ability to solve problems!

Make up your own challenge!!
If you want to come up with a challenge, go for it!  Email us!

Challenge Prompts