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Components of Creativity

Curiosity Works

Imagination & Originality

  • Come up with a completely different idea
  • Combine different concepts to make something new


  • Learn how to see different perspectives
  • Process new and old experiences to gain new insight


  • Encourage convergent thinking
  • Encourage divergent thinking   

    Communication and Self-Expression

  • Opportunity to communicate meaning in a variety of ways

  • Express unique insights and thoughts


  • Exchage of ideas
  • Build on the ideas of another  
  • Motivation

  • Intrinsic rewards: love, autonomy, curiosity, learning and belonging
  • Action & Movement

  • Movement and activity can foster aha! moments
  • Engage both the mind and the body
  • -from Inspiring a Generation to Create: Critical Components of Creativity in Children (2015, Center for Childhood Creativity)