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There are so many things to think about as a new parent! Let Calvert Library help with one of the most essential parts of your child's early life.

500 by Five

500 by Five logoCalvert Library’s “500 by Five” initiative inspires Calvert’s children to read 500 books by 5 years old.

Reading with young children on a daily basis is a lifetime gift for everyone that:

  • builds a stronger relationship with your child
  • increases basic speech and communication skills
  • improves logical thinking
  • increases vocabulary
  • enhances concentration and discipline
  • helps ease transitions to major milestones or other potentially stressful experiences
  • promotes school readiness
  • encourages a love of learning

And, let’s not forget, it is just plain fun! 

Parents: Sign up at your local library to keep track of your 500 by Five books in order to earn your Certificate of Completion and take your place on our Wall of Fame.

Early Literacy

The research is clear…literacy is THE most important predictor of success in school and life.  It’s never too early to start your child on the path to reading. Enjoyment of books is the first step and begins with sharing a story with your newborn. Storytime is an excellent way to begin. You can also use the web resources below:


Parent Child Reading and Story Time Promote Brain Development Prior to Kindergarten - American Academy of Pediatrics

Child Development

You can support your child as she grows physically, mentally and socially. Below you will find helpful resources which give age-appropriate guidance to her ever changing progress from dependency to autonomy.


Healthy Beginnings - Supporting Development and Learning from birth to three years of age