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Mousercise has been adapted from the Central Kansas Library System's Mouse Training

Welcome to Mousercise

Count up to 30 by clicking on the underlined numbers.

  1. Rest heel of your hand on the mouse pad in front of the mouse.

  2. Hold the mouse between your thumb and ring and little fingers.

  3. Use your thumb and fingers to move the mouse.
    Moving the mouse moves an arrow on the computer screen.

  4. Place the tip of the arrow on the underlined "2" below.


  5. When the arrow becomes a pointing finger,
    hold the mouse still

  6. Lightly click the mouse button with your index finger.

    • If your mouse has more than one button, click the left Left mouse button mouse button. The button on the right hand side is used to bring up a menu of options that are available. If you accidently bring up this menu box, you can delete it by moving to a blank area on the screen and left clicking or by hitting the Esc Key.
    • If the next page doesn't appear after you click, you aren't holding the mouse still when clicking.
      Clicking lightly is the secret.
      The lighter you click the better clicking works.
      Keep trying.