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Pub Quiz Night

Hosted by Friends of Calvert Library

pub quiz night flyer

Friday, November 16
Calvert Library
Prince Frederick

Register your team.


Age 21+ admitted with picture ID.

No cell/smartphone or other outside information source.  We will have a cell phone parking lot in the room.  You may not use your cell phone during a round until your team’s answers are turned in to the judge.

Up to 6 people (physically present) per team.  No minimum team size.

Every person at the table will be counted as part of your maximum team size.  There will be separate seating for non-team members (spectators entry fee is $5 and need to register separately to reserve their seat.)

Team must have a team name.

There is no partial credit for an answer.

The quizmaster will be the final arbiter of correct answers and scoring.  Any rule not listed here may be made up on the spot by the quizmaster, JR Mathers.

Fees & What it Gets You

Teams are encouraged to pre-register ($60 to pre-register/team, $75/team at the door if space is available)

Friends of Calvert Library will provide snacks

$5 for beer or wine, $1/soda or water

We will have a donation jar on the bar for those who are feeling extra generous for this fundraiser!

Each participant will have an answer sheet for each round and there will be one extra per team to submit to the judge.  Some pencils/pens provided but bring your favorite (as long as it’s not a smart-pen!)

Up to 16 teams can enter.  Winning team will receive $300.



Doors open at 6:30pm and quiz starts promptly at 7pm.

Late entries are allowed but will not be able to ask for questions they missed to be repeated.

There will be three (3) rounds with about 50 cross-generational general knowledge questions and will include some book-related questions (we are a library after all!).

Quizmaster will read each question twice. Teams should keep one copy of their answers and submit one to the judge at the end of the round.

After each round, the teams will grade their own answers.

Quizmaster will give a one-minute and then a 30-second warning.  If the answer sheet is not turned in on time, the team gets a 0 for the round. 

There will be a break between each round.

In the event of a tie, there will be a tie-breaker question.