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Calvert Library and your school encourage students to be life-long learners and year-round readers! Each year students are encouraged to read during their summer break.

Signing up for Summer Reading at Calvert Library can also help you fulfill your summer reading requirement for school.

Just choose the link below that matches your (or your child's) reading level.

Summer Reading begins on June 3 and goes until August 10

Calvert Library Summer Reading Programs

Infants - 3 yrs old
     Dig Into Reading for Pre-Schoolers Program
     Pre-School Game Board

Pre-K through 5th Grade
     Dig Into Reading Program
     Game Board
     Calvert County Public Schools Summer Assignments

Middle School
     Beneath the Surface Program
     Game Board (come into any Calvert Library location to get yours)
     Calvert County Public Schools Summer Assignments
     Calverton summer assignments

High School
     Teens Beneath the Surface Program
     No game board
      Calvert County Public Schools Summer Assignments
      Visit Calvert Library Summer Teen page for more information!
      Like our Calvert Library Teen Facebook page and connect with
     other teens!