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Swap Events

Swap Save Renew

A lot of us have TOO MUCH STUFF! It's too nice to just throw away and a yard sale is a lot of bring it to swap for something you need. Or just bring it so someone else can benefit from it. Or come and see if there is something you need! Swaps are a great way to bring new life to idle items. And you'll feel green and great for contributing to an eco-friendly, sustainable community!
  • These swaps are friendly events...we aren't checking the "value to value" of any swaps. If someone brought a pair of baby socks and took home a stroller, that's OK. We will celebrate the stroller's new life!
  • Bartering is welcome! If you want to be sure to get an equal exchange for an item you bring, then hold on to your item and see whether you can barter with it at the swap when you see something you really want.
  • There will be no handling of cash for any of the swaps.
  • If anything remains after each swap, the library will be donating the items to a local thrift store or discarding them.
  • Bags and boxes will NOT be provided so please bring your own to carry your swap home in!
  • For SEED SWAPS: we cannot accept GMO, PVP seeds or seeds from invasive plants. Bring seeds in small packs labeled as well as you can.