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Board of Trustees

2015 Meetings

Second Tuesday of the Month, usually at 2pm *

2015 Meeting Schedule
Time Date Location
2:00pm January 13 Prince Frederick
3:00pm* February 10 Prince Frederick
2:00pm March 10 Twin Beaches
2:00pm April 14 Prince Frederick
2:00pm May 12

Prince Frederick

2:00pm June 9


2:00pm July 14 No Meeting
2:00pm August 11

Prince Frederick

2:00pm September 8 Fairview
2:00pm October 6 Prince Frederick
2:00pm November 10 Prince Frederick
2:00pm December 8 Prince Frederick


*Exceptions are noted in bold.



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The seven-member Board of Trustees governs the Calvert Library system. Board members are appointed for a five-year terms, with no trustee serving more than two consecutive terms. Trustees are appointed by the County Commissioners.

When there is an opening, interested citizens may fill out a form and submit it to the County Commissioner's office.

Print out the form to apply.


Board Members
Name Title  
Karen Eggert President  
Maureen Cunningham Vice President  
Stewart Cumbo Trustee  
Celeste Fort Trustee  
Martha Grahame Trustee  
Carolyn McHugh Trustee  
Terese Wells Trustee  


Board of Trustees Photo

Back row: Karen Eggert, Stewart Cumbo, Terese Wells, Celeste Fort

Front row: Maureen Cunningham, Carolyn McHugh, Martha Grahame