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Always Fun

Skewer through a balloon [pdf]

Make water glow [video]

How to make a huff and puff race [pdf]

Grow your own newspaper tree [pdf]

Make a baking soda balloon [pdf]

Magic colored milk [pdf]

Egg in the bottle trick [pdf]

Launch your own astronauts [pdf]

Make your own (clean) slime [pdf]

Smart vending machines page 1 | page 2 [pdf]

Marshmallow catapult page 1 | page 2 [pdf]


Cool Chemistry Concoctions: 50 Formulas that Fizz, Foam, Splatter & Ooze by Joe Rhatigan, Tom Labaff and Veronika Alice Gunter

How to Make Snop Snappers and other fine things by Robert Lopshire

730 Easy Science Experiments with everyday materials by E. Richard Churchill