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More Than You Can Imagine

Carrie Plymire, Director Calvert LibrarySpring 2014


Spring is a time of transition and it’s especially welcome after this cold and persistent winter! Our landscape is changing from wintery grays and browns to clear blue skies and vibrant green and the library is has a host of exciting events and classes planned to engage customers of all ages.
In April we’ll be asking for customer feedback in the form of our biannual survey.  What do you want from your library? How has your life been changed by the library?  How has the library helped you stay connected? Calvert Librarians love to make a difference in the lives of their customers.  It’s built into our mission ( and lived every day at all four Calvert Library branches.

Whether you’re a new mom connecting at storytime and using the Parenting Collection for ideas on helping a newborn to sleep through the night or a business owner looking for opportunities in our small business collection, Calvert Library helps foster relationships and find information.  Ask us.  We’re ready to help!

Enjoy the library!

Carrie Plymire