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Working at Calvert Library


For current librarian and other library professional vacancies, see our Current Vacancies.


Calvert Library employs students between the ages of 16 and 18 to shelve books at minimum wage. For more information and to see whether we're hiring, please contact your local branch.


Calvert Library has big dreams and aspirations!  For the library, for Calvert County and for you!   With the help of our volunteers, we know that we can “inspire possibility” through the high-quality services, resources, events, classes and support we provide our community. The level of service we aim for would not be possible without the contribution of time and talent from our volunteers.

There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities through the library.  Your application will be reviewed and if there is a possible match with currently available volunteer opportunities, you will be contacted for an interview.  Most positions require a minimum commitment of 30 hours of service and at a rate of at least 4 hours per week.

All volunteer positions require a set of skills, an application, an interview, and references.

All volunteers 18 years and older must be able to pass  a background check.

If you would like to contribute your unique talents to the library, fill out our volunteer application and contact your local branch.


Current Vacancies

None at this time. Updated 9/11/15